„Folia Turistica” (ISSN 0867-3888, e-ISSN 2353-5962)

"Folia Turistica" (FT) has been published continuously since 1990. It is therefore one of the oldest scientific journals in the world, the thematic scope of which includes tourism research. From the very beginning, FT has had open and free access to all articles published in it. 

Aims and scope

The aim of FT is to deepen and disseminate – on a global scale – knowledge in the field of broadly understood tourism, as well as related phenomena related to meeting the needs and desires of people during their free time, such as recreation and sport. To achieve this objective, FT adopts an international perspective and aims to attract authors from all around the world.

FT is multidisciplinary in nature. Thus, tourism and related phenomena are analysed in this journal from the perspective of various fields of science, in particular:

  • social sciences (economics and management, psychology, pedagogy, sociology, law, political science, social and economic geography),
  • the humanities (history, philosophy),
  • natural sciences (geography, ecology),
  • medical and health sciences (health sciences, sports sciences).

The scope of the published works includes tourism and related phenomena, considering, among others, but not limited to, the following issues:

  • theory and methodology of tourism sciences,
  • needs, motivations and experiences of tourists,
  • specificity and functioning of tourism markets,
  • management of the region and tourist enterprise,
  • cooperation of enterprises and tourist reception areas,
  • marketing of tourist goods and services,
  • innovation and modern technologies in tourism,
  • tourism policy at international, national, regional and local levels,
  • education and training staff for the needs of the tourism sector,
  • sustainable and responsible tourism development,
  • tourism in mountain and water areas,
  • tourism in rural and urban areas,
  • cultural heritage as a tourist resource,
  • importance of climate change for tourism,
  • health aspects of tourist activity,
  • relationships between tourism and sport, recreation, culture and entertainment,
  • role of sports and cultural events in the development of tourism,
  • religious and pilgrimage tourism,
  • philosophical and psychological foundations of participation in tourism and recreation,
  • tourism business ethics,
  • sociology of mobility and inclusive tourism,
  • tourism from the perspective of cultural anthropology,
  • history of tourism and travel,
  • law and organisation of tourism,
  • development of tourism in the face of risk and crisis situations,
  • impact of civilization megatrends on the development of tourism.

FT also remains open to interdisciplinary works in which issues connected with to tourism - as well as related phenomena - are creatively analysed, especially by broader teams of authors, using the achievements and approaches, methods and research techniques developed in various fields and science disciplines. Creating an integrated theory of such a fascinating and complex phenomenon as tourism (including recreation and sport) increasingly requires analysing key research topics in a way that goes beyond the traditionally understood boundaries of scientific specialisation.

Types of publications

FT mainly publishes scientific articles, including:

  • empirical works presenting the results of original empirical research carried out using quantitative, qualitative or mixed approaches,
  • theoretical works of review or conceptual nature, which - based on a reliable analysis of the literature - lead to organising the current state of knowledge and posing new questions or research hypotheses or presenting an original theoretical concept.

In addition to the above, FT also publishes:

  • polemic and discussion articles presenting often critical but, at the same time, constructive and well-argued views or opinions of the author(s) on current events, institutional demands, systemic solutions, geopolitical situation, emerging trends, etc. - important from the perspective of tourism and scientific knowledge development,
  • reviews of scientific works containing typical reviews of particularly valuable scientific monographs, scientific articles, doctoral theses, textbooks, etc.,
  • informational, reporting and commemorative texts presenting valuable content worth documenting and disseminating about scientific conferences, especially distinguished figures, etc. 

Language version

FT is published in English.


The journal has been published at different frequencies at different times. However, since 2020, it has been published semi-annually.

Typically, one of the two issues published each year is Varia (containing texts on various issues), and the other is thematic (containing texts on specific issues). Announcements of individual issues and the so-called Call for Papers (for thematic issues) are listed in the "Publishing Plan" tab. 

Free and open access

FT does not charge the authors of the works any fees.

FT provides fully open and free access to all published texts on its websites (free open access).


FT is published by the University of Physical Education in Kraków (Faculty of Tourism and Recreation).


We also cooperate with Index Copernicus International where you can find Folia Turistica website with all the information and separate papers files in pdf format.