Aims and Scope

Folia Turistica is a free open access academic journal (ISSN 0867-3888, e-ISSN 2353-5962) which has been published by the University of Physical Education in Krakow since 1990. Thus, it is one of the best-established journals in Poland that deal with research on tourism and its accompanying socioeconomic phenomena. Our journal is currently published in a semiannual cycle.

Folia Turistica is international in scope and attracts scholars from all reaches of the world to facilitate the exchange of ideas. As such, the journal enhances understanding of scientific knowledge, empirical results, and practitioners' needs.

Folia Turistica publishes articles from the fields of humanities and social sciences, including cultural anthropology, philosophy, psychology and sociology, history, geography, as well as law and economics, management, and marketing. The Journal is also open to interdisciplinary papers, the theses of which address tourism by combining multiple fields and academic disciplines, enumerated above. Folia Turistica publishes first and foremost papers that report on the results of empirical research. However, it also presents especially valuable original review papers.

Furthermore, the Journal publishes reviews of academic and didactic papers in Polish and other languages that address tourism from the viewpoint of academic fields and disciplines enumerated above. Such papers include monographs and academic articles, handbooks, reports on research, as well as doctoral and habilitation theses.

It is worth mentioning that from among all papers published in a given year, the Journal’s International Scientific Board selects an Article of the Year. Information about the Article of the Year is provided publicly on the Journal’s website, and its Author(s) receive (as a prize) a free-of-charge access to the printed versions of all issues of Folia Turistica in the following year.


Key Addressees

The Journal’s profile makes representatives of academia its main addressees. On the one hand, Folia Turistica allows these persons, as authors, to submit the results of their research and thus open them to the Readers’ evaluation; and on the other hand, the same persons, as readers, are able to broaden their knowledge on various aspects of tourism and develop their research tools (by familiarizing themselves with different viewpoints and methods of research).

The Journal’s key addressees also include practitioners who may assume the role of both authors and readers. University students constitute an important group of readers as well, especially students of MA or PhD studies.



We also cooperate with Index Copernicus International where you can find Folia Turistica website with all the information and separate papers files in pdf format.



Folia Turistica is published by the University of Physical Education in Krakow.